Nike’s Fashion Week(end) Jordan brand prepares for 2020’s NBA All-Star Weekend
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Love it or hate it, everyone has heard of Air Jordan. The brand name comes from one of (if not) the greatest NBA players of all time: Michael Jordan. His first signature shoe, the Air Jordan I “Banned”, first released in 1984,with it came a global phenomenon. Since then, Jordans have become popular all over the world; some people are even willing to fight over them. For anyone this absolved in the world of sneakers, NBA All-Star Weekend is on the calendar every year.

For those not familiar with All-Star Weekend, it typically takes place during the second or third weekend in February, at a rotating venue. The best players from around the NBA are divided into a massive game of pickup basketball, in addition to skill contests like 3-pointers and dunking. Of course, corporate America uses this weekend as an excuse to plug all the merch, food, and tickets they can, but nobody does it like Jordan brand.

Adidas has fallen behind in the sneaker game during the past year, which has made this next weekend the perfect time for Jordan to steal the show. This year the event is taking place in Chicago, where Jordan will be collaborating with eight different locally-based brands. Each collaboration will produce one shirt, sweatshirt, possibly pants, and a sneaker. Among the most notable brands are Virgil Abloh/Off-White (1), Lyrical Lemonade (2), and Sheila Rashid (3).

A quick run-down of each brand is needed to know why exactly they are collaborating with Jordan. Off-White released The Ten collection with Nike in late 2018, and since then they’ve been producing some of the most sought-after and expensive shoes out there. Lyrical Lemonade is a popular media production company, having directed and produced videos for stars like JuiceWRLD, Blueface, and Lil Tecca. Sheila Rashid has her own clothing brand, and has been trying to break into the world of high fashion for some time now.

Each of these collaborators has their own skillset to offer to Jordan, but a different draw for the consumers as well. Off-White is for the die-hard Nike fanatics, Lyrical Lemonade will cater to the hip-hop crowd (which has been intertwined with sneaker culture since the 80s), and Sheila Rashid will elevate a classic sneaker to a new level of luxury. Whatever your ‘drip’ is, there’s probably something for you coming out next weekend, and if you are looking to get in to sneakers it is a great place to start! Check Nike News for updates on the collection with all eight brands and how to purchase the products.

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