Bainbridge Students Wow at One-Acts The annual showcase of student talent’s impressed theatergoers with talented performances and well-written plays
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The 2020 Winter One-Acts opened and closed last weekend with three performances, nine one-act plays, and over 70 students involved in the show. Bainbridge High School’s annual showcase of student talent, the plays were written, directed, and acted in by high school students. Students had the opportunity to audition for roles, apply to direct plays, or write and send in one-act plays they wrote themselves for consideration. After weeks of rehearsal, they opened the doors at Woodward Middle School and pulled back the curtains to put on their show.

The acts ranged from light-hearted comedies to heavier performances with more serious messages. Some plays poked fun at things like British accents or the process of writing a one-act, while others covered more mature topics, such as growing up and leaving one’s imaginary friends behind, or having the monster under your bed be replaced by realer, scarier demons.

The One-Acts opened to a full house on its opening night at the Woodward Auditorium, where all BHS theater productions are being held as construction continues on a new theater in the BHS commons. Audience members laughed at jokes and gasped at twists and turns in the plays as the actors performed their show to an audience for the first time.

The entr’acts provided brief musical interludes between performances, with students, often in pairs, singing, dancing, or showing of their talent at playing an instrument.

This year’s One-Acts had a three-show run over one weekend, although usually BHS theater productions have around five shows. Because performances were being held at Woodward, as well as scheduling being affected by the snow days in January, the number of performances was reduced.

The Winter One-Acts also received positive reviews from students who went to see the show.
“I liked how they weren’t just all comedies,” sophomore Sophia Allen commented.

“The thought put into it made it really intriguing,” senior Maka Kurihara agreed, “I never realized there were so many talented people at BHS.”

The next BHS theater production will be the annual spring musical, this year, Les Miserables, in June. Auditions are on the 11th and 12th from 3:30-6 after school for any interested students and aspiring actors wishing to be involved in the last production of the year.

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