Two Years and Finally Convicted Massachusetts Man Convicted of Murdering His Wife
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Andrew MacCormack was found guilty of the first degree murder of his wife in 2017. Vanessa, his wife was a second grade school teacher in Lynn, Massachusetts. Andrew, 31, was accused of strangling, beating, and stabbing Vanessa, 30, on September 23rd, 2017. Their one year-old daughter was in the other room. The authorities found Vanessa with a trash bag over her head. According to prosecutors, the couple was having financial problems and earlier Vanessa had also confronted her husband about his drug use and threatened to file for a divorce if he didn’t shape up. In the reports of court papers, drug dealers told investigators that Andrew would spend mass amounts of money on cocaine. Authorities have also claimed that after the murder, he had taken his daughter with him to buy cocaine.

Suffolk County prosecutor, Ian Polumbaum, claimed that the couple had been fighting for months over Andrew’s drug use and habits. Polumbaum discovered that Vanessa found out that Andrew was stealing money from her in order to keep up his drug addiction. Polumbaum claimed her neck was “inflicted postmortem, as a gesture of overkill”, meaning Andrew continued to beat her after death. After authorities entered the house, all they could smell was bleach. Polumbaum stated, “the bedroom had been cleaned, but the efforts had not removed all of the blood in the room”, Andrew had used bleach to try to clean up the place.

On November 18th, 2019, Andrew MacCormack was officially convicted of first degree murder by the jury. He had seven days of discussing and reflecting in trial. It is for certain that Andrew will automatically be serving a life sentence in prison without parole. Shortly after he was sentenced, Vanessa’s aunt came out and spoke on the verdict: “what this verdict does is give us peace of mind knowing that Andrew MacCormack can never do this to anyone else again, it gives us peace of mind knowing that he will be permanently out of (daughter) Adrianna’s life so he can’t ruin it anymore than he already has. He will now have to pay for what he did to Vanessa.” Vanessa’s family is happy that she can now rest in peace. Andrew is scheduled to be sentenced on December 7th, 2019.

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