The U.S.’s “Christmas Gift” North Korea's Threat
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North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has threatened the United States with a Christmas gift this past week. The threat is considered a reference to a new missile test: Pyongyang’s deadline set on the U.S. for concessions if there is an exchange to curb our nuclear weapons program. “The statement, published in North Korean state media on Tuesday, said it was up to Washington “what Christmas gift it will select to get.” It did not clarify what the statement meant.” (NPR). No one is quite sure as to what this message means for the U.S. as tensions increase.

Considering North Korea’s “gift” in 2017 of test launching an intercontinental ballistic missile on the 4th of July, this looming threat will most likely follow the same tense path. It has been revealed that resolutions may be made as a meeting recently scheduled between the United States and North Korea should reach an agreement in late December of this year. “The outcome of this meeting and Pyongyang’s policy line will depend on how happy they are with Washington and will be revealed in (Kim Jong Un’s) New Year’s Day address, ” said Duyeon Kim (CNN). The meeting hopes to persuade Kim Jong Un to give up his country’s nuclear weapons (as well as missiles) in exchange the U.S. and United Nations sanctions being removed that took a toll on North Korean economy. This settlement comes with great urgency and a need for a peaceful exchange as we have seen North Korea testing missiles that can reach and detonate on American land.

Although Washington D.C. has not voiced concern over the matter, it is still frightening to many Americans as the end of the year grows closer. Donald Trump’s comment on the threat was “we will see what happens” as he was visiting London. “My relationship with Kim Jong Un is really good, but that doesn’t mean he won’t abide by the agreement we signed,” Trump said. (CNN). So hope remains in the upcoming rehash of the nuclear agreement even though Kim stated that denuclearization is off the table because the U.S. has benefited for a “domestic political agenda.” Many hope for the resolution to come quickly in order for tension to die down even though the president and many officials say to remain calm over the claim. Overall the threat remains unanswered as the end of the year approaches.

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