Kidnapping In Texas Eight Year Old Girl Rescued By Police
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On May 18th of 2019, an eight year old girl was snatched from her mother’s arms in broad daylight on the streets of Fort Worth, Texas around 6:38 PM, while taking a walk in the Ryan Place neighborhood. Police authorities captured and saved the girl about eight hours later: she was found being held hostage in a hotel room at WoodSprings Suites in a laundry bin full of dirty clothes. The police then safely returned her to her family.

Police had searched the hotel room a few hours earlier but could not find the girl until after another hotel resident had reportedly claimed seeing a man with a young girl. The striking police body-cam video shows them busting into the hotel room, discovering the kidnapper and sexual assaulter Micheal Webb, a 51 year old homeless man. Webb had a trial soon after where he admitted to the crime, was convicted of kidnapping, and then sentenced to life in prison. His sexual assault charge is still pending.

Erin Nealy Cox, a United States attorney who prosecuted the kidnapping case for the Northern District of Texas, later told news reporters that it took jurors less than 10 minutes to find Micheal Webb guilty of kidnapping the young child. Cox then said, “My hope is that this family and this community will find solace in knowing that he will never be able to harm another child again.” Cox had also pledged to the family at the start of the trial that her office would seek justice on behalf of the victim, the family, and the community. Cox felt that it was important for her to take a part in Webb’s trial because she is both a prosecutor and a mother.

Investigators have been giving civilians much credit, especially one individual: a pastor who was close friends with the victim’s family. He was the first to spot Webb’s vehicle in the hotel parking lot, and then instantly reported it to the police. Fort Worth’s police chief felt that the community deserved a round of applause for the way everyone came together and worked tirelessly together to bring the frightened girl home.

It is every parents nightmare to experience having their child seized from their arms and taken away, never knowing if they will see them again. This was a traumatic event that the family and victim were brave and strong enough to push through. But, they would not have been able to do it without the help of their fellow community members. This sentencing sends out an important message to predators: that law enforcement and the community will not allow any crime against a child or any individual to go unpunished.

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