Kardashian Rules Six Insane Rules That The Kardashians Must Follow
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As we all know, the Kardashians are one of the most popular families on social media networking and television. They are known for their crazy amounts of money, cosmetic stores and of course their physique. When examining their lives and thinking about how amazing it might be to live such extravagant lives, think again. The Kardashian and Jenner families are all forced to follow insanely strict rules every day. Even the young children.

Rule number one. No Kardashian is to go to the beach in bright sunlight. Kardashian management teams say that it brings out all imperfections including cellulite. So, if they are going to wear a bikini around a paparazzi filled area, they must only go during certain hours of the day. Rule number two. They are not allowed to own cotton pillows or microwaves. The Kardashians believe those make you classified as “lower class citizens.” Cotton pillows are also known for increasing the speed of aging, while silk pillows decrease wrinkles. There are also lots of chemicals that your food takes in when you microwave it, unlike if you were to cook it on the stove.

Rule number three. They must always have their nails done. Kris, the mother of the clan believed that nails completed the look and made you look fully put together. This was so important to Kris that she hired a personal nail artist to come to their house every two weeks and give all of the girls new manicures. Rule number four. None of them are allowed to leave the house without makeup on. In order to keep up their image, they must look ready and body tight.

Although Kim follows plenty of rules in general. Kanye also has a special list of rules that he makes Kim follow. Rule number five. Kim is not allowed to wear makeup at home, or use any technological device while at home. He likes the idea of a healthy, phone-free home and feels it is unnecessary for her to be wearing makeup at home. Last but not least, rule number six. They are not allowed to get tipsy in public. Of course, we have all seen the video of Kim stumbling with every step in Khloe’s bathroom, which is why this rule came about.

That may seem like a lot of guidelines and rules, but there are many more where that came from. Do not even get me started on the list for all the children rules and each individual family members list of rules. It’s ridiculous! Now when you think about their extravagant lives and how great it must be, would you be able to follow all of their crazy rules as an adult?

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