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On November 12, 2019 the new streaming service directed towards Disney fans was launched. It launched in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. On the first day despite glitches and service outages the company registered over 10 million sign ups. This new service is a big competitor for Netflix and even the newer streaming services like Apple TV Plus and and HBO MAX. The large number of people already registered could also be due to seven-day free trial, as that often attracts viewers.

The movies that are streamed on this service include ones from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and Disney’s own studios. Right now the site has 500 movies and 7,500 episodes of television. Another component that is different compared to Netflix is that they will release new episodes weekly compared to Netflix releasing them all at once.

Disney Plus costs $7 per month or $70 if one prepays for a whole year. If one decides to prepay for the full year that brings the monthly cost down to about $5.83. In comparison to Netflix, it is much cheaper as they charge $9 a month. Another positive component for unlimited wireless Verizon customers is that they will receive a full year of Disney Plus membership for free.
Disney also has two other streaming services; Hulu and sports-focused ESPN Plus. All three are run on the same platform so new members can subscribe with the same password and credit card information. Disney is also offering a triple-service bundle for $13 per month.

Disney Plus is geared more towards family friendly content with the highest rating being PG-13. Although it is directed towards younger audiences, many older generations also find themselves excited to watch childhood movies that they have grown up with. Hulu is the platform that Disney streams more adult directed content.

For those that will not be paying for a Disney Plus membership but have a Netflix one there is some bad news. All Disney content will disappear from Netflix by late 2019. This is another move by Disney to gain more attention to their platform. They did not renew their lease with Netflix to have their theatrical movies on their streaming site.

Recently there was a dispute over Disney Plus being hacked. Though it was discovered that Disney Plus customers’ credentials were stolen in other security breaches. Thousands of accounts were up for sale on various hacking forums at cheap prices. Disney says customer support can help one gain back access to their accounts. A big draw from this as a user is to be making sure ones’ passwords are unique and secure.

The membership appears to be worth the price for Disney fans. So if one is feeling nostalgic or is a die hard Star Wars fan this is most likely the perfect streaming site.

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