Bainbridge High School Annual Food Drive is Over Why is it so important?
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Each year, Bainbridge High School hosts their annual food drive for Helpline House just before Thanksgiving. Students are sparked to donate cans and other supplies to the “Stuff The Turkey” event through both kindness and competition. This event lasts roughly a month and most of the student population gets involved in some way to help the efforts to create a happy holiday for everyone.

There is a school-wide race for the most cans and specific motivation is provided by some teachers. Mr. Hoffman is known for his wall of shame, where student’s names are written on the board until they have brought in an item. More in the spirit of prize-giving, Mr. U is known to give donuts to his top class. Both of these methods yield great numbers to be added to the donation pile. No matter the motives, the high school generates thousands of items to donate to Helpline House (the local food bank) each year.

Nationally one in seven people use food banks according to Feeding America. Bainbridge Island is a location that has the same needs as well. To look further into how this food drive affects the community the past and present need to be known. The “Stuff the Turkey” event has been a tradition at the school for years.

Each year, thousands of items are brought in but this year a surplus of supplies were donated. These donations range from soup cans to toothpaste to cat food. Each item has its own significance and needs within the home it will end up in. They are not necessarily all related to holiday meals but especially during a time when other expenses rise at the end of the year, everything helps.

The effects of a food drive are obviously positive but many students are unaware of how far their actions will go towards helping a community. By introducing this tradition to our school, Bainbridge has found a fun and effective way to make a significant difference: The entire U-haul truck that gets filled holds innumerable meals. The specialty of this event within a school brings out a whole new factor. Young adults are able to experience the gift of giving. They also will hopefully see the importance of providing for those around them. Student’s peers may even be the ones who benefit from this food drive.

Bainbridge as a community strives for a wholesome holiday season and that starts each year with the various items brought in by students. Whether motivated by competition, shame or a kind heart, each donation means something more to those receiving it.

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Holly Bice is currently completing her final year at Bainbridge High School. As she continues to explore new ideas, she hopes to vary the topics she writes about for Spartan News. Outside of school related activities, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and dog as well as skiing and traveling.