A City’s Rejection Extravagant Bainbridge Hotel In the Works
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Mike Burns, a Bainbridge Island Resident of 30 years, has proposed a grand 87 room hotel, with a spa, event spaces, underground parking, restaurant, and bar to be built on Bainbridge Island. Burns has founded a company called Blue North, a fishing and agricultural company that builds boats. The location of this hotel would be across the street from Winslow Green at 251 and 253 Winslow Way. This idea was created after Burns daughter couldn’t find any local hotels or lodges for guests at her wedding, so he decided to do something about it.
Not being an architect himself, Burns hopes to keep it completely local.“I want it to be very specific to Bainbridge Island and that starts with hiring Bainbridge architects,” he said, adding that when the time comes, he hopes to hire a Bainbridge contractor to build the hotel. He also acknowledges that the hotel will lack a waterfront view or beaches, so he hopes for it to be considered a “destination hotel” where you can go for an amazing experience.
With this grand scheme comes great opposition. Many complaints have been written and sent to the council to call for the building to stop construction, as well as the Bainbridge Island Planning Commission voting in the first week of August to recommend denial of the Winslow Hotel Project. This is because “it did not mesh with the goals and policies of the city’s comprehensive plan and the Winslow Master Plan.” The Bainbridge Review stated. This contrasts with many architects opinions on the building of this hotel. Peter Corelis and Olivia Sontag said that the plan was consistent with the city’s commission plan and makes the city’s regulations on drainage, parking, and power. The most recent news on the development is that the proposal going to Interim Planning & Community Development Director, Heather Wright for review and the ultimate decision on the hotel, but a hearing date has not been set.

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