Upcoming Ski Season in Washington Skiers in anticipation over this year’s predicted snowfall
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It is no secret that fall is upon us and the weather has changed drastically. Having to scrape ice off of cars in the morning is a wake-up call for sure. In Spokane, Washington 3.3 inches of snow already began to fall in September, which is the earliest snowfall that has been seen in over 100 years. In the Cascades, snowfall ranged between one to four inches. The cold snap is said to have happened because of an upper-level, low-pressure system. This system also delivered 11 inches to Stevens Pass, a popular ski area in Washington, and was followed by almost four inches in Snoqualmie Pass and six inches in Mt. Baker. This early snowfall could be good news for skiers and snowboarders in Washington.

Most ski areas open around mid-November, and depending on conditions stay open until around mid-April. Typically from December to February is the most popular time that skiers head for the slopes in Washington, because the skiing here is known for its diversity in terrain and conditions. As of right now winter in the PNW is predicted to be warmer and rainier than usual, with-below normal snowfall. The snowiest periods are predicted to occur in mid-December and late January, although snowfall is predicted to be less than normal for the entirety of mainland PNW.

Record breaking low temperatures also occurred in Seattle with a low of 37 degrees around SeaTac Airport, which is the first time in 29 years that temperatures dipped below 40 degrees within the first ten days of October. The Puget Sound region is expected to see more of this unsettled weather this season.

The most popular areas to ski in Washington include Mt. Baker, Crystal Mountain, Stevens Pass, and Snoqualmie Pass. Locals call the snow here “Cascade Concrete” because it has a tendency to be thick and heavy. Although this may seem to be a bad thing, there is typically plenty of the snow which makes it so good for skiing.

Avid skiers appreciate skiing in the Pacific Northwest because many of the mountain runs that include big open meadows, pockets of Evergreen trees and plummets. There is also a wide variety of terrain for everyone to enjoy at their own level. The heavy snow does a great job at covering all of the rocks and trees that one might sometimes encounter while skiing in other places.

It should be a great season for skiing this year and at the looks of it things will be up and running on the earlier side. So get your skis and gear ready for an early start for the ski season!

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