The Dangers of Vaping E-cigarettes and their effect on the younger population
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Vaping, a “healthy” alternative to smoking cigarettes may not be as healthy as people originally thought. As of October 15 of this year, there have been 1,479 confirmed vaping-illnesses, and 33 confirmed deaths from vaping. Hopefully, with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) releasing these statistics, people will start to end the vaping epidemic one hit at a time.

Even though vaping and e-cigarettes were introduced in 2004-05, the popularity didn’t flourish until around 2017 when the epidemic took off. It started as a legal alternative to cigarettes where people that had a smoking addiction would switch over in an attempt to reduce the risk of lung cancer and would hopefully, at one point, fully quit. Then it turned into something completely unexpected. Youths all over the country and all over the world started to become interested, leading teenagers everywhere to an addiction that never should have happened, especially at such a young age. To make matters worse, the vaping products were extremely easy for young adults to get. With the problem exploding in 2018, more and more teenagers were getting fond of the idea of vaping. Then the health hazards began to show up in 2019. Illnesses and deaths reportedly caused by vaping started to show up everywhere. Many people thought this would scare people enough to quitting, which was in some part true but not to the extent it needed to be.

As if the vaping itself wasn’t enough, kids all over the country were getting suspended from school left and right due to vaping at school. With kids bringing their e-cigarette devices with them to school and using them in places such as the bathroom or outside on campus, there have been many suspensions and expulsions that have taken place. Vaping at school has become a huge issue and will continue to be a prevalent issue until stricter vaping laws are laid down.

Teachers, parents, scientists, and almost the entire country is stumped as to what they should do to stop the epidemic. Kids are still easily accessing the products and continuing to use them, the deaths and illnesses don’t seem to be enough to scare them out of it, and it is still extremely easy for kids to hide their vaping devices from adults. With the big question of “What do we do now?” appearing everywhere, the next step that has been taken is temporary bans.

While vaping hasn’t been made illegal, and probably won’t be due to the fact that there are people using vapes for their original purpose, there have been numerous temporary bans made on certain vaping products. More specifically on the fruit-flavored products that attract the younger generation. While these bans have been lasting roughly one month each, they also don’t seem to be working as they were supposed to. Sales of fruit-flavored e-juice rapidly inclined just days before the bans went into place, meaning young adults would stock up on the vaping products beforehand so it would last through the ban. Even with the bans in place, the epidemic is still not slowing down.

Vaping is a huge issue all across the country. Health hazards have begun to show up, including deaths, bans have been put in place, and many other attempts have been strived towards, the vaping around the globe is still completely out of control. More and more illnesses and deaths are appearing every day and will continue to until a solution has been made. But with it being nearly impossible to completely make vaping illegal, it is hard to find a good solution to the problem at this point. Scientists, teachers, parents, and many more will continue to look for a solution, but until then the question still stands. What do we do now?

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