Ghosts, Ghouls, Monsters, and More Are you Ready to Venture to the Atmosfear?
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The anticipation of waiting in line to go in a haunted house is thrilling. Once the screams of terror from those who’ve entered ahead can be heard, a sense of impending fear creeps in and spine-tingling chills grip even the toughest, but there’s no going back. By the time you, your friends, and your family reach the front of the line, all bets are off. The exhilarating wave of fear and uncertainty has washed over, leaving everyone in ear-shot petrified. Haunted houses are a well-kept fall tradition and range in terror. The operators of these haunted houses bring the creatures of scary stories and nightmares to life, yet Americans and foreigners alike can’t help but wait in line year after year for these insane attractions. Some people turn back halfway in, too overwhelmed to continue on, while others chase the thrill, each year hoping to find a haunted house that chills every bone in their body. According to the staff of Hauntworld, an organization that reviews and ranks the scariness of haunted houses, there are only three haunted houses in the United States that can bring out the combination of emotions to achieve the highest level of fear.

Each year, the staff of Hauntworld reviews thousands of haunted houses across the United States and Canada to provide information on the scariest haunted houses. Their website features over 5,000 listings of haunted houses that can be found in every state and Canada. Altogether, the Hauntworld staff have managed to survive passing through 300 haunted houses in order to provide the thrill seeking members of society with the top thirteen scariest haunted houses. The top three most frightening houses can be found in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio where only those with the toughest stomachs and strongest minds should dare enter, at the risk of their own physical and mental health.

Thrill seekers can experience the scariest, most mind-altering effects of any Haunted House in the world at the Headless Horseman’s Hayrides and Haunted Houses in Ulster Park, New York. This popular attraction ranges across 65 acres of orchards, rolling hills, woodlands, ponds, barns, and outbuildings. The large space allows them to bring in enough revenue each year to assemble the latest technology in illusions, design unique costumes, create realistic makeup looks, and formulate special fx to pull off a new theme each year. In 2018, the theme of their Hayride was “the hollow.” It recreated a nightmarish alternate reality of today where apes were more closely related to humans and held a secret intelligence. Previously these apes had been banished but a night on this Hayride and you will think differently. The terrifying features of that reality will forever be memorialized in the minds of those brave enough to venture out.

If you aren’t ready to be entirely numb with fear and haunted by the spookiest of realities, the second scariest haunted house in the world is the Field of Screams in Mountville, Pennsylvania. This town may seem normal most of the year but as the leaves begin to fall it transforms into four nightmarish scenes deemed scary enough to be mentioned in USA TODAY, the Travel Channel, the Howard Stern Show, Time Magazine, and Newsweek. My mom is one of the bravest women and even she appeared to tremble in fear as we watched the trailer incentive. The unescapable escape room is their most recent addition and we can’t fathom the nerve it would take to even think about going in.

The haunted houses in Ulster Park and Mountville aren’t for the faint of heart and neither is the third spookiest haunted house, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Dent Schoolhouse haunted house is featured in the school building, which boasts a historical background that brings goosebumps to skin. This location is known for holding the spirit of a janitor who murdered school-aged kids in the 1950’s. If that alone doesn’t cause shivers to run down your spine, the vintage decor recreates the murder scene from 1955. Even the people that have dared to enter tell stories of the utter terror they experienced navigating the halls filled with the bloody gore of deceased victims. As thrill seeker’s gravitate towards these attractions, they should heed every warning, watch behind their backs and take care to read the fine print when signing liability forms because there’s no telling what will happen on these nights.

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