What Lies Behind The Guarded Gates? Theories Behind Area 51
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As the story goes, Area 51 was built in 1955 as a supposed air force base. If this statement is true, then why did they want it wiped off every map and held as top secret information? Obviously, we are all itching to know what is inside.

In the middle of nowhere Nevada lies a top secret base. So secret, in fact, that it was not publicly talked about by anyone of importance until former president Barack Obama mentioned the location in 2013. Up until that point, Area 51 had 62 years of peaceful silence. In 1955, the United States felt it was important to build an air force base, surrounded by nothing to test new planes for the upcoming wars. It is said that the base has runways up to 12,000 feet. Beyond wanting to be kept a secret, Area 51 has surrounded itself by a not-so-friendly facade of warning signs, surveillance cameras, and armed guards. Needless to say, no Naruto running will get you passed these gates. The US military even went on to describe the base as, “a flexible, realistic and multidimensional battle-space to conduct testing tactics development, and advanced training.”

Are you prepared to “Naruto run” passed armed guards, risking it all to figure out if aliens are real and on our earth or not? It is no secret that earlier this year an Area 51 “raid” took place. This was all started by a joke put up on Facebook. The owner of this post immediately regretted it after it caught storm so rapidly. He advised people to not go to the raid but hundreds of thousands of people were already signed up on Facebook. The turn out, however, wasn’t as many as originally promised. Approximately 100 people showed up to party a little bit. The most damage done was one arrest for a man’s “public urination”.

It is obvious that whatever lies beyond those gates, whether it be alien life forms, simulation controls, or just new plane technology being tested, we are not getting back there any time soon. In the meantime, get searching: we have only brushed the surface of what could lie beyond.

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