Teenage boy shot in Hong Kong Protests Lam issues warning
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As the weeks of protests escalate in Hong Kong a new tragedy has risen into the light of the public. Within three days of the last occurrence, another teenage boy, 14, has been shot. The young protester was shot in the leg by a plainclothes officer during a riot. He is currently in the hospital and in critical condition.

The first sighting came from a recent video that has been circulating through social media, which depicts a plainclothes officer being beaten and having a firebomb thrown at his feet. In the clip, you can see him stagger away and drop his gun after shooting the teen in the chaos. It has been stated by police that the officer had only done so because “his life was under serious threat”.

Many Hong Kong residents feel the need to speak up for these boys. Some are outraged and believe in him as a symbol of the protests, while others feel scared for the violence that is taking place.“A 65-year-old local resident named Chan, who was outside the court, said: “I feel so sorry for them. They shouldn’t have to face this. I have kids myself, they don’t participate in protest so thankfully I don’t need to worry about them. But all of them inside, they are my kids too.””. These protests are bringing a large amount of the community together to fight for what they believe in.

The movement is also directly correlated with the fight for the right to wear masks in these protests. Although the regulation just passed, and its consequences are hefty. A 3,000 dollar fine or imprisonment for a year for wearing a mask during a riot. Chief executive Carrie Lam spoke at a news briefing that the regulation will help to assist police in law enforcement and control violence in general. During this time protesters took to the streets outside and chanted, “Hong Kongers, resist!” and “Disband the police!”.

In the last 24 hours, Hong Kong leader Lam, has warned that the Chinese governmental power could become involved if protests continue. This would mean a turning point for the rioters in a sense that their cries will be put out quickly, along with an intense stability in Hong Kong’s system that would be a fragile recovery to peacefulness again.

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