Taking A Bite Out of Apple Samsung continues to produce the best phones on the market
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Let me just start with a disclaimer: this article is not meant to offend or alienate any of you die-hard Apple fans out there, it is purely a (true) opinion piece. I know that almost half of Americans own an iPhone, and that is not going to change anytime soon. Both Samsung and Apple make the world’s top-tier smartphones, and each company and product has its respective issues. I present the following information to you as a comparison to settle our generation’s age-old debate: who makes the best phones?

Whatever your phone-of-choice may be, almost everyone is using their device to be connected. The average amount of time spent on social media every day, including messaging, is a little less than two and a half hours, which is pretty incredible. Given our interest with the natural world, it is not a surprise that one of the biggest draws to social media, and consequently our phones, is the camera. Since platforms like Instagram and Snapchat only need one version of their software for IOS, pictures on these sites often appear clearer on Apple products. This is misleading since the overall camera quality of most Samsung phones is as good or better than their Apple counterparts from the same year.

Another very important component of phones is their user experience factor (also called UX). This is the experience a consumer has while using a Samsung or Apple phone, and sadly it is very subjective. Personally, I had been using a Samsung Galaxy S7 until less than three weeks ago, when I inherited my brother’s old iPhone 6s plus. Already, I can tell a clear difference between the two. The iPhone display is very what I would call “bubbly”: lots of bright colors, rounded edges, and emojis that smile and pop out at you. This is probably to make up for the fact that the App Store and other facets of the iPhone are rather limited. With Samsung, there are more applications and widgets available, though it may appear slightly more complicated. This is a common turn-off for Apple fans, who are missing out on functionality.

Technology is a numbers game, and consequently, I would not be doing my job as a reporter to hide the raw data from you. Some of the features of each company’s newest phones are (Apple iPhone XR v. Samsung Galaxy S10):

Apple A12 Processor v. Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
3GB RAM v. 8GB RAM (Samsung is faster)
64GB storage v. 128GB storage (more storage)
2942 mAh v. 3400 mAh battery capacity (Samsung battery lasts longer)
volume/weight ratio (in^3/oz) = .8540 v. 9145 (iPhone is slightly larger, but much heavier)
12 megapixel camera (on both devices)

So there you have it: the facts, which clearly point to Samsung as the winner. Obviously, not all high school students will be using the latest and greatest smartphone, and for me, my user experience was much better on my Samsung S7 than my current iPhone. Samsung, Google, and other companies that use the Android system have the advantage over Apple, but obviously things may be different if you’re hooked on your iPhone. The facts may say that Apple is inferior, but, hey, since when did that stop anyone?

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Spencer Bispham is a senior at Bainbridge High School who enjoys writing about world affairs and local news. He is a new cross country runner, co-president of the school’s Model UN club, and has an incurable addiction to sneakers. Outside of these he is probably binging Netflix, hanging out with friends, or playing hockey.