Paint the Rock! The decades-long tradition
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As many know, there is a large painted rock in the pit at BHS. This rock holds a lot of meaning to students at this school; it is used to celebrate wins, voice opinions, and call attention to certain events. It is primarily painted by sports teams that like to include their sport name and the year, as well as people mourning the loss of students at the school.

If anyone has been a part of a sports team at the high school, they have most likely taken part in painting this rock. Typically the painting will take place at night when it is dark, which adds a level of difficulty for the students. Sports teams will gather around the rock and paint over whatever is previously painted on it and there is no remorse in covering other students paintings. Many take pictures of their work, as they know it most likely will not last too long. Last year Kevin Housemann made the US Olympic trials for swimming and some students took it upon themselves to praise him for this painting his name and congratulating him, also including the Olympic rings. Madison Culp, a previous girls golfer, said this when discussing painting the rock, “The rock holds a lot of meaning for many athletes and many take a lot of pride in it. Seeing my teammates all come together to celebrate all of the hard work we put into the season was extremely rewarding.”

The rock has also been used to celebrate the upcoming seniors. On the last week of school the upcoming seniors paint the rock with their graduating class year. This is an exciting time for this group, as they know this is their last year at this school. It is both a celebration and a time to look back at all the good times the students had at BHS.

Paint night is a night where the graduating seniors go all over the Island and paint their graduating year, as well as their fellow classmates’ names and year on their driveways. Another component to this night is also going to paint the BHS rock. It is a right of passage for the graduating class and most people on the Island respect that.

The painting of the BHS rock is a moment that most students will experience in their time here. It is a fulfilling moment of pride and joy, because most of the reasons people paint it is in cause of celebration. The rock has had this tradition for many years and hopefully many more to come!

About the Author :

Charlotte Alnwick is a senior at Bainbridge High School. She enjoys to write about current events that are relevant to students at BHS. She is an officer for Social Justice League and takes part in a Children’s Guild. Outside of school she enjoys spending time with her friends and family.