ICE In Kitsap County Fear spreads amongst local illegal immigrants in Kitsap County
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Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement crack down on local immigrants illegally staying in the United States. Whether or not these “immigrants” identify as aliens to our government is not known at this time, due to the fact that ICE has not commented on any of the reports being made by local headlines. Primary sources advocate for their behalfs describing their confrontations with these immigration agents.

“Agents with the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency Monday conducted the first known sweep of the Kitsap Peninsula under the Trump Administration’s bolstered efforts in deporting immigrants in the country illegally,” according to the Kitsap Sun.

Specifically in Port Orchard, resident Miguel Francisco, reported via Facebook that ICE agents approached him at the Shell Station on Bethel Avenue. Francisco stated in his message that eight immigrant cars raided him based off of his ethnicity.

“… ICE agents approached him at the Shell Station on Bethel Avenue and “tried barging into my car.” Francisco shared that there were eight immigration cars and that agents were accompanied by a reporter from a Seattle TV news station.” Francisco reported he also felt humiliated as Q13 news watched his rights be violated.

Reports of ICE in Port Orchard were later confirmed by one of the news reporters that was at the Shell Station from Q13. As an “observer” the reporter stated that ICE raided Francisco’s car, due to the fact that ICE had heard from locals that the gas station was where to look for immigrants. Unfortunately, these Immigrants are not aware that these ICE agents are actually violating the Constitution. Written in the Constitution is the right all citizens have (until proven not a citizen of the government; reasonably) to not be unreasonably searched or seized. Citizens have the right to say “no” in response to demanding officers looking for an easy way out of their search. Unfortunately, these are what agents are doing in our own community to decrease the amount of immigrants we have. Just because there are four Mexican looking citizens within a landscaping car does not give an official probable cause to search and demand for their paperwork. On top of that, it is even more illegal to demand to see paperwork stating whether you are a citizen of the government or not. Most people being arrested or detained right now, are not aware that they can say no to these men who are just checking names off the list; matching faces with look-alike identicals to make their jobs easier.

“There has been an increase in raids, especially in King County. In addition to employment “hot spots,” ICE agents are known to frequent courthouses looking for people who, based on their appearance, are suspected of being undocumented immigrants, according to Padilla.”

Undocumented or not, our government needs to exercise their duties in a more justified matter.

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