“How Dare You” Greta Thunberg calls out the ones failing future generations
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Sixteen year old Greta Thunberg has the heart for environmental issues we all should. Well educated and passionate for what she believes, Thunberg has been doing the most with her voice. Not only does she speak for change but she walks the walk as well. Her journey to New York created zero emissions. Planes produce more than 895 million metric tons of carbon emissions a year. Instead of contributing to that number, Thunberg sailed across the Atlantic to the climate summit. She gained her voice when she started skipping school to instead demand reduction in emissions by her country’s government.

This week she continued to speak to what she believes. Starting by striking from school in front of Swedish parliament, she has now made it all the way to a meeting among world leaders.
On Monday, September 23rd, Thunberg gave a powerful speech at the United Nations Climate Summit. With a plethora of statistics, she demonstrated the importance of this issue and her disgust with the lack of solutions. During her address, she stated “The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us, I say: We will never forgive you,” speaking for those who will see the effects of climate change as they grow older. One thing many people forget to consider about climate change is that it does not just affect trees and animals. Every living organism, that includes humans, will eventually experience the repercussions whether that be in the near future or father out.

This speech, along with many other steps Thunberg has taken, have resulted in a multitude of insults and discreditation. Tweets that delivered pique to her include, “I can’t tell if Greta needs a spanking or a psychological intervention,” and other disturbing things that have been said about her character and appearance.

In essence, Thunberg’s speech was not meant to create conflict but to cry for help. Many times during her speech she spoke for her entire generation speaking of the future. Of course the manner in which she did this was meant to throw disgrace on world leaders as she repeated “how dare you,” throughout her speech. Thunberg does not intend to be the hopeful face of the future, she intends to cast the widest wake up call by going after the ones who have the power to make a difference.

The backlash she has received questions the intentions of those speaking about her. Thundberg only wants one thing, big change to save humanity. She does not care if you like her, she does not care if you think she is inspirational, she cares if humanity survives. So why does no one listen to her? Why is she mocked and not credited for the science she makes absolutely sure to back up with facts?

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