Flavored Vape Ban in Washington Flavored vape products temporarily banned by Washington state board of health
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On October 9th, Washington’s state board of health voted to enact the 120-day ban on flavored vape products. These vape products include both nicotine and THC. The voting took place in the ballroom at Seatac Marriott, and about 60 people testified during the public comment session. There were over 350 people who attended, many who were outraged by this decision. Many vape shop owners testified that selling these products is how they make their livelihood. This all began when Jay Inslee asked the board of health to impose an emergency ban on flavored vaping products in an executive order over two weeks ago. The order has asked the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board to ban any ingredients that are found to be the cause of reported lung illnesses.

Many spoke up against the board and vouched for their opinions and claims. Jared Chipman, the owner of Illicit Vapes, said in his speech that they should ban these products from gas stations and convenience stores, as this is where teenagers are gaining access to these products. He claimed that by doing this, this ban would not kill small businesses. Others that attended held signs that said, ‘vaping saves lives’ and ‘vaping helped me to quit cigarettes’.

The people who were in support of this ban claimed that they do not want another generation addicted to nicotine. This all comes as a response to a nationwide outbreak of lung illnesses linked to vaping. They also claim it will help to protect the public and save lives. Nationally 23 people have died and nearly 2,000 have fallen ill. The majority of the vaping products that caused people to become ill contained THC.

Inslee also drafted legislation that would if approved, permanently ban all flavored vaping products, force companies to list ingredients and more. In a statement, Inslee said, “I wanted to do more by this executive order. I wanted to go further than this, but I followed our existing statutory authority,” Inslee said. “We aren’t done in this discussion. … What I’m doing with this executive order is a floor, not a ceiling.”

Many other states are taking similar actions to the vaping epidemic. Last month, Massachusetts called for a four-month temporary ban and in June, San Francisco became the first city in the U.S. to ban all e-cigarette sales.

There are many different aspects to this controversial topic. Vaping became increasingly popular in recent years, but because it’s affecting the younger generation makes it such an important topic. Vapes are all over schools ranging from middle to high school. Lawmakers and those in power are taking it into their own hands to try their best to limit and put an end to this. Many previous cigarette smokers were able to quit because of vapes, which is why so many are extremely upset with these new laws and bans going into effect. This is an issue that will most likely continue for a long time into the future.

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