Yellowstone Tourists Arrested at Old Faithful Two men are in hot water
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On the morning of September 10th, two men were walking extremely close to the Old Faithful geyser at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. They were caught taking pictures on their cell phones and walking immensely close to the hot spring. Shortly after, these two individuals got arrested for thermal trespassing. They reportedly have a court date set three months from now in December.

Old Faithful geyser is known for its frequent and unpredictable eruptions. It has evidently had more than a million eruptions since Yellowstone became a National Park in 1872. Currently the geyser erupts around 20 times a day, once every hour. During an eruption the water within the geyser can get up to 204 degrees fahrenheit and the steam can get up to 350 degrees fahrenheit. Geysers can be extremely dangerous and it is prohibited to go past the fenced area. Since 1872, at least 22 people have died, this geyser is not one to mess around with.

The rules were clear and the fence prohibited anyone to go near. There are also multiple “no trespassing signs.” The two men ignored the signs and decided to go towards the geyser anyway. The park officers saw the men crossing over the protection fence and reportedly putting their faces over the geyser’s opening. According to Kimberly Guilliams on Yellowstone Facebook page, “they even leaned more over the opening but didn’t get a photo. They were caught, reports were filed and I submitted photos to the Park Ranger. We were in total disbelief at the complete stupidity of these guys.” Fortunately the men were caught and taken in. They were charged with thermal trespassing.

Thermal trespassing is exactly how it sounds, it is where someone trespasses into a hot sight, like a spring or geyser. Bottom line the dangers of a geyser are extreme and not to mess around with. The Yellowstone website gives a great deal of information about exploring the park. Read about the dangers and make sure you maintain on trails marked by official signs. This is not the first time a visitor to Old Faithful has disobeyed the rules but hopefully the last time. Stay behind the fence and enjoy the view from a safe distance.

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