Best College in Washington State University of Washington - Home of the Huskies
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As we all know, Washington is home to many colleges that can provide you with the best four-year experience of your life, but one in particular stands out to almost anyone when they enter the Seattle grounds. This campus is surrounded by beautiful Japanese cherry blossom trees, and ranked number 12 in the country by Forbes in 2015. The University of Washington. As of 2018, the University of Washington is ranked number 14 in the world, and third among U.S. public universities on the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

This university is hands down the best college that a high school graduate could attend in Washington because it is very strong academically and socially. It is very beneficial for a student or young adult because it offers many opportunities and creates a space where everyone feels welcome and at home such as FIGS. FIGS are first-year interest groups. These groups make it easier to make friends, build a community, and find mentors.

UW is very socially robust because students and staff/faculty all come together and work together as if they are one big family. It shapes a very special community on and off campus, which is hard to do seeing how big the school is, but UW pulls it off. The on-campus diversity also adds to the experience. Everyone including staff on campus is very supportive regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, or religion. There are almost always fun parties and social gatherings for students to attend with their friends. The location of UW also provides fun activities outside of school like clubbing, nice restaurants, and even theatres!

Not only is there a full social calendar, this school is also one of the best academic schools in the world. Five of the academic programs within the university are ranked among the top 12 in the nation, and the faculty have been nationally recognized for their research within the university. 92% of students who attend this school have a full time job within 2 years of graduating, and the University of Washington was also ranked number 13 out of 130 for the best college for information technology in America.

Seeing how well students can thrive from attending this school, I think it is safe to say that the University of Washington is the best school in Washington State because of everything it offers, no matter who you are or what you want to do. Almost everyone who attends this school has a very successful life after college, and the only reason they have that is because of how well everyone works together, surpassing their goals while still having fun.

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Taylor Clyde is a junior at Bainbridge High School. She was previously involved in the cheerleading program for her freshman and sophomore years at BHS. Taylor is very excited to start writing articles! She has two dogs named Spike and Oslo. Her favorite classes to attend at BHS would consist of American Lit and AP Environmental Science.