A Monkey A Day Keeps The Paycheck Away The story of a man and his monkey
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On sunday august 18, a young man and his maroset were making their rounds around town, startling and making people feel awkward and maybe a little annoyed. When he and his monkey started banging on restaurant doors. The police say that the man had consumed about 6 ounces of vodka. Police dispatched to investigate a around 12:18am after reports of a man banging on a restaurant’s door waving rocks around.

The young man was also said to have a monkey on his shoulder. Police found the man, about age 30. Known from prior interactions with the man along with his monkey, Rafiki, who were found outside of Safeway. After further interrogation with the man, he said he had entered the restaurant and forgot his credit card. While trying to negotiate a line of credit, he was kicked out. In the time the man was outside, he asked for a glass of water, then said he was refused then walked to the gas station.

When the man retired, he reported a worker of the restaurant threatening to kill Rafiki, so he left and called 911. When questioned, the worker claimed that the person arguing with the marmoset owner was a customer who he was not familiar with. When it was realized that the marmoset owner was intoxicated, he and his monkey were given a cordial ride home.

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