The Gulf of Mexico’s Oil Crisis The 14 year old spill is becoming one of the worsts in U.S. history
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In 2004, an oil production company, owned by Taylor Energy, was caught in a mudslide off the coast of Louisiana caused by Hurricane Ivan. The effects were disastrous and caused a massive oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico. Many of the wells holding oil have not been closed properly since then and as a result, 300 to 700 barrels of oil are released per day into the Gulf. According to The Washington Post, the oil could continue to flow into the Gulf of Mexico until the end of the century and with no solution to the problem, Taylor Energy Oil will be the face of the largest deep Horizon Disaster in the United States history.

As the oil continues to spill into the gulf, many are worried over the Trump Administration’s proposal for expanding drilling in U.S. continental waters. These areas consist of protected waters such as the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. Under the new proposal, only one of twenty six areas in the Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Gulf of Mexico would be off limits to oil drilling. In the Atlantic Ocean, drilling for oil has not happened for over a century and the results would impact global climate change and disrupt the ground below us for the worse. Besides the fears of the impact it would cause to our planet, people are criticizing the poorly regulated oil industry off the coast of Louisiana. The company is not well known to others outside of Louisiana because of their efforts to keep this oil spill a secret. It took six years before environmental officials found the spill when doing data collections. The company was forced to reveal a cleanup plan to stop the oil from continuing to spew.

Taylor Energy is not the only oil company adding to the Gulf of Mexico’s oil crisis. An average of 330,000 gallons of oil is dumped into the waters from various oil companies. The Gulf is the most productive oil site in the world. The companies have provided jobs and fuel sources to people around the world. According to the Washington Post, BP Deepwater Horizons has set aside $66 billion for fines, cleanups, and legal actions for the 168 million gallon gas spill. Taylor Energy has come up with a deal, to plan a $666 million trusts to stop the spill. The company hired contractors to drill through the ground to cap the wells, but it has not been successful.

Ten years after the start of the deadly oil spill, environmental officials are still not sure about all the impacts that it could have on our marine ecosystem, climate, and even on human life. “We need to focus on what is happening in our waters before we go and drill in other places,” said Chris Eaton an Earthjustice attorney in response to Trump’s proposal. Our carelessness has had the result of detrimental issues to our planet.

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