Spooky Szn vs 4th of July Szn which holiday is better on Bainbridge Island?
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Here on Bainbridge Island, we have many traditions true to our island. Halloween and 4th of July are two holidays that are very unique here. Halloween is a time for local shops in downtown Winslow to give out treats to young kids and for residents in neighborhoods like Northtown Woods to buy hundreds of dollars worth of candy. 4th of July is a time for all of the Bainbridge Islanders to gather in downtown Winslow for the street dance the night before and the 4th of July parade. Both of these celebrations are great here on the island, but, which one is better?

We have now reached mid-October, so that means Halloween is creeping up! Many Bainbridge Islanders are buying pumpkins from the Suyematsu Farm and decorating their houses for the young trick-or-treaters. Halloween is special on the island because since the Island is so safe, many parents can feel comfortable with their kids trick-or-treating. There are a lot of great neighborhoods, like Northtown Woods, Hidden Cove, and Commodore, that are close together and safe for kids to walk in during the night of Halloween. The best place to trick-or-treat on this Island is most definitely Northtown Woods because all of the residents are so kind, and will always have candy at the ready! Also, Northtown Woods is a very safe neighborhood and has lit-up lights to guide trick-or-treaters in the dark. Even though Halloween is so great on the Island, is it better than the 4th of July?

4th of July is a very special time here on Bainbridge Island. By far, the 4th of July parade is the best part about this holiday that takes place on the Island. Many clubs, organizations, and people come together to walk in the parade with a respective float they made. For example, the Bainbridge High School cheer team, the Filipino community, the firefighters, and the BAC all walk down the parade together and throw candy out to the crowd. 4th of July brings the community together, regardless of race, gender, or background. 4th of July is a time for relaxation and festive times with the ones you love.

According to Jackson Taylor, “4th of July is a really great day for me. Last year, I was able to hang out with my family and friends at the parade. I had the opportunity to see a lot of people from school, which was really cool.”

What holiday is better on Bainbridge Island? Ultimately, 4th of July is a better holiday than Halloween on the Island because the parade is so unique. When the community comes together, there is a sense we all have each others’ back. On 4th of July, we all come together to watch other community members share what they are a part of. If you have not seen the 4th of July parade here on Bainbridge Island, mark your calendars for 2019!

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