Spirit Week Recap
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Last week was long for many students at BHS who participated in spirit week and Homecoming festivities. Here is the run down of how each spirit day went in the eyes of students, as well as the homecoming football game and dance.

First, pajama day fell on Monday. It was the most widely participated in spirit day, by the BHS population, likely because of how simple it was to put together. “You could just roll out of bed and go to school. It was super comfortable the whole day and basically gave you an excuse to have a lazy day,” BHS freshman, Charlotte Weller, says.

Tuesday was Twin Day! This held the opportunity for more than just duos to dress identically, but groups were also included as well. At break, the Wagon Wheel was filled with matching sets of friends making it a day to remember. “I liked twin day, but I think “squad day” would be a better name change because if it is just twin day it is easy for people to get left out and that change would make it more inclusive.” BHS senior, Alex Miller, says when asked about twin day.

Wild West day fell on that Wednesday, and there was a sea of plaid shirts, bandanas, and denim jeans, throughout the school. However, this was one of the least participated in spirit days supposedly because it was harder to pull an outfit together.

Thursday was teacher day. Many students dressed up as their favorite teachers, including funny props that they are known to have lying around. Some students wore class shirts for a toned down version of the day as well. Along with Wild West day, not as many students dressed up as much as they did for PJ and Twin days.

Finally, Friday rolled around. Seniors were decked out in togas; decorating themselves in gold jewelry and sparkles. The rest of the school wore the Spartan colors, blue and gold. There was a school wide homecoming assembly that was a success. All grades preformed their skits as well as ASB officers announcing each grades homecoming court.

The homecoming festivities didn’t stop after school. The football game stared at 7:00, and the luau themed dance at 10:30. The football game was a success against West Seattle, and the crowd was packed throughout the game. The dance was put on by the cheer team and brought in many students to celebrate the sweet ending to Homecoming week.

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