Netflix Stepping up their Movie Gainz Are the movies getting better?
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If you’re one of the millions of people who subscribe to the online television service, Netflix, you probably know how overwhelming it can be. With so many genres and options it can be hard to find a movie that really captures your attention. Whether you love the classic romantic comedy, or prefer a documentary, Netflix has it.

One great option if you love corny chick flicks is “The Kissing Booth”. The movie features Joey King and Jacob Elordi as two teens that fall in love at a fundraising carnival. Elordi plays heartthrob Noah Flynn who’s the older brother to Joey King’s character, Elle’s best friend. Their love is forbidden since Noah’s little brother doesn’t want him dating his best friend. While the quality of the movie is questionable, it certainly doesn’t fall short on the entertainment scale. It’s a great choice for a cozy night in with friends and maybe some popcorn to munch on.

“The movie was really cute and depicted the classic highschool romance scenes which is always nostalgic. I liked that it wasn’t super long too because I don’t know if they have enough material to keep it interesting if it was longer. Overall great watch though, and I would definitely recommend”, said Frances Weller.

If soft and cozy isn’t your style when it comes to movies then a crime centered documentary may be more up your ally. You could find one on virtually any topic but one that I found particularly interesting and creepy is called “Voyeur”. By definition, voyeur means somebody who enjoys watching others. This movie features a man that bought a motel and created a network of platforms above the rooms so that he could walk above them and look down through vents to watch his customers. The whole film was quite horrifying, but certainly holds your attention.

Finally, if you’re looking for something more light hearted and humorous you may like the “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. This is rather a show than a movie and has several seasons to satisfy all your binging needs. It follows a young woman who was held captive in a bunker and all her trials and tribulations once she gets out. While it may seem like a serious topic, her character is so naive and wacky it’s amusing to see her struggle with the daily mannerisms that we expect from our peers.

These are just a few great options that Netflix has to offer, and there are many more. If you need a good new show or movie, just ask around and see what your friends are watching, chances are you’ll find something you love.

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