Hurricane Willa Hits Mexican Coast
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Mexico’s western coast endured the presence of the severe Hurricane Willa Tuesday the 23rd. Willa was a mixture of heavy flooding rain and landfall along with powerful and destructive winds. The western coast of Mexico was the first to face the hardships that Hurricane Willa brought, followed by those Mexican states inland and even up to Texas. This category 3 hurricane brought strong winds and rainfall which flooded much of the Isla Del Bosque and Sinaloa in Mexico.

Willa was estimated to have maximum winds up to one hundred and twenty miles per hour, making it extremely dangerous. The storm started as a Category 5 hurricane, raging with winds up to one hundred and sixty miles per hour the morning of Monday the 22nd. As the storm tracked further into Mexico, the winds weakened and the rainfall started to slow down, at this point it became a Category 3 hurricane.

The storm led to over 4,000 evacuations of people in the towns along the affected western coast. Everyone on the Isla Del Bosque as well as Sinaloa were terrified and feared the loss of their homes. The same could be said about tourists relaxing on the coast. Along the beach of Mazatlan, an area filled with hotels and activities for tourists, gigantic waves crashed along the streets, forcing workers to board up their stores. Schools everywhere in this area were closed and homes became flooded.

Hurricane Willa was estimated to bring 6 to 18 inches of rain. The effects of the hurricane transpired through the United States as well. Texas along with the northern Gulf Coast received heavy rainfall, but much less than that of Mexico.

Hurricane Willa has been categorized as the strongest tropical cyclone cycle to hit Sinaloa since 2006, when Lane drenched the streets of Sinaloa. It was also the third Hurricane to become a Category 5 hurricane in the pacific this hurricane season. Hurricane Willa is at fault for twelve deaths in Oaxaca, Mexico, but luckily no deaths were caused in Sinaloa. As the storm has calmed down and passed by, people can begin to feel safe once again.

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