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In high school, especially the later years, there is a lot of choice in what electives you may take. Anything from foreign languages to drama. However, it may be hard to know which electives are better than others. Here are the opinions of a few of our fellow students.

Ceramics is one of the most popular electives at the high school. Taught by Ms. Ande, you start simple with a pinch pot and progress to textual vessels and teapots. When asked why she took Ceramics Noelle Lipschutz said, “I took Ceramics because it seemed like a great class that is relaxing and rejuvenating from the regular stresses of school,” This is something that Ms. Ande preaches as well, she knows school can get stressful and she wants her class to be a detox from the more intense atmosphere of school. It is also a great class to socialize, while you are creating you can do so with your friends which makes it a fun and enjoyable class. When asked why Ceramics is his favorite elective Liam Hatakenaka said, “It is like having a super long lunch, you’re just sitting around a table with your friends hanging out and making some cool projects.”

Another elective that is popular is World Religions. Taught by Mr. Hoffman he walks you through the cultures and religions of the world. People love this class for a couple reasons, one being how you’re learning about the world we live in, not just history from hundreds of years ago. Another being that while the class is a more structured class than ceramics, it is still laid back and relaxed. When asked why he likes World Religions Cooper Hanson said, “It’s very cool to learn about a culture you don’t know much about, and Mr. Hoffman knows what he is talking about.” In my experience of having Mr. Hoffman for AMW and World History I can attest to the fact that he does know what he is talking about.

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