Bainbridge Cross Country Bainbridge takes second at districts and showcases up and coming runners
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As winter begins, our fall sports seasons come to an end. One sport in particular had an unbelievable season, that was cross country. Our Bainbridge Cross Country team had a phenomenal season, with an impressive outcome to report by the team, and a few runners in particular who individually established the magnitude of their talent.

The season started off strong with lots of highly competitive meets and several high standings. With a highly impressive range of athletes to compete for Bainbridge High School, our Spartans were in for a successful season. Through great sums of training, focus, time, grit and hard work, our Spartans were able to place second at districts!

Belkin not only aided his team into this victory, but he himself took home a trophy too. At districts, Belkin won first place individually with a time of 15:47.9. After that, Belkin went onto the 3A WIAA State Cross Country meet and placed second overall, with a shockingly impressive time of 15:29.2, a season record for Belkin.

Junior Eva Entress also proved as a force to be reckoned with this season. Senior Liz Messenger, a seasoned Cross Country runner, commented that “Entress had an absolutely amazing season because she qualified individually for state”.

This year, Entress set a personal record of 20:19.4 at the 3A Sea-King District 2 championships, her qualifying time for state. As a junior, Entress has a whole nother year to showcase her talent and improve her times.

Reflecting more on the season, Messenger shared with me that “Sophomore Sean Westerhout got super fast and even beat a lot of the seniors this year.”

Not only did our upperclassman perform exceedingly well, but so did some of our underclassmen. Westerhout has already branded a name for himself and is proving that he has so much talent to display and improve on. For our senior Spartans, this was their last season to prove their speed, and they did so with passion. Our juniors proved as a force to be reckoned with and even the underclassmen are beginning to take over this fire.

Messinger looked back on the season, saying “I would consider this a successful season, I am so proud of how far our team has come.”

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