Two Narcissists Walk into a Room… Kanye visits Trump in Oval Office
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Last week Kanye West engaged in an interesting meeting with President Trump in the oval office. Some people found the meeting embarrassing and unprofessional, others thought that it brought the two parties together.

The meeting was originally arranged to discuss prison reform and unemployment however, it did seem to go in a different direction at times. A lot of the conversation seemed to be based around the bond that was growing between Kanye and Trump.

During the meeting, Kanye wore a “Make America Great Again” hat and explained that it made him feel like “Superman.” He then proceeded to express all his opinions to Trump with barely any pauses.

Kanye touched on the controversial idea that we should love and support our president no matter what, because he represents America. He also discussed building up businesses and calling them “Trump factories.” And he described his own success with Adidas.

Many people who have once supported Kanye might find Kanye’s love for Trump to be a deal breaker. However, Kim Kardashian West supported this meeting, and she herself had a meeting with Trump not too long ago regarding prison reform.

After the meeting reporters had very mixed emotions regarding Kanye. Some people found that he just touched on several surface level ideas yet others were impressed with his knowledge of politics and appreciated his willingness to share his ideas.

Throughout Kanye’s speech, Trump appeared speechless and confused, However, at the end he responded by saying “That was pretty impressive,” and Kanye agreed by saying “it was from the soul, I just channeled it.”

The question is whether this relationship between a famous musician and our president is beneficial to the divide in the USA or is it just wasted time?

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