The Fight for Senate United States Senate Election In Washington
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On August 7, 2018, a top two primary election took place to decide which two candidates would move forward to face each other in the general election to become a Washington State US Senator. Maria Cantwell and Susan Hutchison were the two candidates with the most votes and will compete in the state’s general election on November 6, 2018.

Democrat Maria Cantwell has for the past three terms held the position of Washington State US Senator. She has lots of recognition and major connections to national issues. She received 54% of the primary election votes. Susan Hutchinson is a former Republican Party chairwoman. She widley backed up Trump’s campaign and is a conservative politician. These two women have drastically different opinions when it comes to the most matters, so let’s dig into their policies and platforms.

Cantwell voted against Trump’s tax cuts, arguing it would be concentrating the wealth in the hands of wealthier individuals. Hutchinson argues that she would have voted for the bill because it has created more employment and strengthened the US economy. Cantwell strongly supports the Affordable Care Act, believing that it was the best way to make sure all Americans have access to adequate health care. Hutchinson criticized this act, saying that the government would be taking business away from private organizations. Cantwell wants to fight against opioid addictions, by penalizing the companies that do not enforce laws to make greater profits. Hutchinson believes that the solution to this problem is stopping the trafficking of drugs from other countries.

Both opponents have been campaigning relentlessly to enhance their polls and gain supporters. Hutchinson has made several attempts to schedule debates with Cantwell, but Cantwell would rather use every opportunity she has to campaign her beliefs and gain more followers. With a strong start and receiving 54% of the votes in the primary election, Cantwell is proving to be a force to be reckoned with.

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