Spirit Committee Step up your school spirit
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This year it was brought to attention that the senior class of 2019 has low participation for school activities. A group of Senior girls sparked the idea to create a BHS spirit club. With Delaney Wiggins and Gabby Saez as co-presidents, the club was built to bring students together and make school activities enjoyable for everyone.

A lot of the cause for low participation is due to the fact that students feel insecure about dressing up or “going all out” for games, spirit week, assemblies etc. Delaney and Gabby figured that spirit committee could help to let people know they have a whole club that will be showing their love for Bainbridge High School right along with them. So far spirit committee has helped to spread the word for themed football games and decorated the stands at the most recent “USA” themed game. At that game students noticed a much higher participation.

In the future, Spirit club is looking forward to more themed games throughout basketball season as well as decorating floats for the homecoming king a queen.
Meetings will be held most Fridays after school in the wagon wheel. They will be super low key and people can stay as long as they can. Most of the meetings will consist of decorating and planning for school functions. The main objective spirit club has is that students show up to games, dances, and assemblies ready to show their spirit together as one Community.

Spirit club also hopes to inspire underclassmen so that they can carry on the club and school spirit.

About the Author :

Meghan Ginder is a senior at Bainbridge High School. She played soccer almost all her life but now she enjoys working out at the gym on her own time. Meghan loves to use her creativity specifically when it comes to writing for the BHS newspaper for the second year!