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During the 2018-2019 year, Spartan News has made many improvements. They’ve added cast members, advanced technology, and set new goals for the year. David Baker, one of the cast members in front of the camera, says, “I am very optimistic for this year. The new recruits are all doing great work, and it all seems to be going much smoother than last year.”

Additional members to the group include Sean Lindsey, Laura Murphy, Samantha Holt, Cooper Hansen, and Max Johnson. These members have all added their on-screen talents to the team. On top of this they have also added a lot of new talent behind the camera with team members like Evan Gray and Gabriele Decipitani.

With all these additional members, the team is no longer a small exclusive group, but a large team that anybody can join at any time. This expansion allows Spartan News to have a rotation of anchors, as opposed to the same two every episode.

Now that they have a larger team, Spartan News is also hoping to get episodes out much more consistently. If the team continues to grow there’s a chance they could increase production to weekly episodes instead of bi-weekly.

On top of the additional cast members, Spartan News has also made many improvements to their technology. They have five new cameras with 4K video and terabyte hard drive for the team to share.

As Spartan News continues to grow, the time commitment for each member will decrease. As of now there are meetings twice a week for one hour, but beyond that the time commitment depends on what jobs you fill and which segments you film and/or edit.

For the seniors involved in Spartan News they’re looking forward to implementing the skills they have learned and are confident that the team will be left in good hands. David Baker says, “I personally have wanted to work in the film industry, ideally as a director, and Spartan News has given me a lot of valuable experience in organizing a team, planning shoots and getting a finished project done in time. On top of that, it’s been a lot of fun!” Baker and the rest of Spartan News also encourage any student with interest in this field to join the crew.

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