McGregor vs. Khabib The Fight for the Title
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One of the most highly anticipated UFC fights in history, McGregor vs. Khabib, occurred Saturday, October 6th. After his boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather, McGregor returned to the UFC scene. Since leaving the UFC, he lost his title and Khabib claimed it as his own. Therefore McGregor, after over a year of being out of the UFC, challenged Khabib for the title.

McGregor and Khabib have a history, making this fight even higher stakes. On March 28th of 2017, McGregor and his team began throwing loose objects at Khabib’s team bus. In doing this they broke a window and ended up injuring several fighters. This attack was prompted by Khabib attacking one of McGregor’s teammates prior. However, due to the bus attack, McGregor was charged with three counts of assault.

Fast forward over a year and they are set to settle their beef in the cage. Entering the fight Khabib was the favorite as McGregor had been out of the game training for boxing for over 8 months. However, McGregor still put up quite the fight. Khabib, known for his ground game, dominated the first round. As soon as he was able to take McGregor down the round was essentially over. Despite this McGregor was able to avoid the worst of Khabib’s blows and skirted out of the round with little damage inflicted.

In the next round McGregor prevented Khabib from using his ground game and took the round, landing more significant shots than Khabib. Unfortunately for McGregor, Khabib was able to get him to the ground in the 4th round forcing submission from a neck crank hold.

After the win of one of the most controversial events in UFC history took place. Khabib hopped over the cage and started to throw punches at one of McGregor’s teammates. At the same time, Khabib’s teammates blindsided the exhausted McGregor sucker punching him multiple times. Apparently, Khabib’s manager got into a scrum with the teammate of McGregor, seeing this Khabib hopped in to defend his manager. Even still this did not seem justified. The two teammates that attacked McGregor were charged with assault.

After the event Khabib in a social media post threatened to leave the UFC as he felt he is being unfairly punished. This incident damaged the legacy of a great win by Khabib, due to this he is currently suspended and is waiting for hearing on whether he will be kicked out of the UFC. Certainly a grave mistake for the usually composed fighter.

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