Get on the Bus!
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What makes a home sports game better for the players, is it that the team does not have to take the ferry there and back, that they will get home sooner, or that they get to wear the special home game colors? What truly makes a home game better for the team and all the players is that they have their fans cheering them on.

A spirit bus is the perfect way to give this advantage to our team even at an away game! With friends calling out the players names, and a large crowd chanting on “let’s go Spartans!”, a home game gives players that extra boost of confidence that will inspire them and help the team play hard and to win the game. But why is this only limited to home games? On a Friday night, several Spartans would be more than excited to hop on a spirit bus and provide their classmates with some enthusiastic encouragement.

In the past years there have been spirit busses scheduled to take students to away football games on Fridays after school, but we have yet to see one this year. Spirit busses would be a great improvement to the games, and would encourage school spirit. Those students would in turn help the football team with their loud support.

“It is a really awesome way to increase school spirit” said senior Lindsay Franznick.

Dressing up in blue and gold and hopping on a bus with a bunch of other spirited Spartans sounds like a good idea to Franznick. Not only do you get to go watch your classmates play in a game, but it is also a good way to spend your Friday night. Hanging out with friends and cheering for your team team is always fun. “Spirit busses take spirit to a whole other level!” senior Frances Weller says in agreement. She believes that plenty of students would be excited to participate in this fun initiative and others students would soon be encouraged to follow.

Let’s show other schools our Spartan pride by bringing it across the water to away games! Riding on a bus with all your friends getting pumped for the game is an exciting way to promote school spirit and shows our team that we are there to watch them win!

About the Author :

Anika Lesko is a senior at Bainbridge High School. Anika’s favorite thing to write feature stories and current events. She loves playing on the high school varsity soccer team, rock climbing, and hiking. This is Anika’s first year writing for the Spartan Standard and she is excited to see what stories she can write about this year!