German Tourists Killed In Elephant Attacks Who Is At Fault?
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On September 28th, a 49 year old German Woman (Her name is not being released by officials) was trampled to death when she left the safety of the vehicle she had been traveling in. It happened in a popular game reserve in Northern Zimbabwe. According to Wildlife Spokesman Tinashe Farawo, from the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, the tourists had encountered a herd of elephants when they entered the park and the woman wanted to get closer to take pictures. Officials still have no information on what provoked the elephants and resulted in her death. The woman died that evening due to her crushed injuries from being trampled.

According to Zimbabwe officials, accidents involving elephants are common. Last year, there were two deaths resulting from elephant attacks. On one of the incidents, a trained elephant had trampled a tourist guide in Victoria Falls, a tourist resort in Western Zimbabwe. In another incident, a local man was killed when he attempted to force elephants into the open for pictures. In 2017, according to Farawo, the total attacks on humans by elephants is 41. In Zimbabwe, there is a total of 84,000 pachyderms (type of elephant breed). Some causes of the elephants attacking is because they feel threatened.

Since the German women’s death, there has been a second accident involving a german tourist on Saturday, September 30th. The man was also visiting Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe when he was attacked by a bull elephant. Reports say, that he was closely taking pictures of the elephants when suddenly, the elephant attacked him. He sustained serious injuries and has been undergoing further medical treatment in a local hospital.

In the past week, there has been a total of two elephant attacks in Zimbabwe with one resulting in a death. What could be the reason for this? Officials are saying when in national parks and observing wildlife, to keep a safe distance from them; preferably staying in a vehicle. It’s best to not use flash photography or make any frightening sounds and noises around wildlife. Wildlife attacks on humans are scary and life threatening.

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