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Creed 2 is slated to release on November 21st, 2018 with a lot of high expectations. Almost, 3 years after it’s predecessor, Creed came out. Creed set the bar high, scoring a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, a movie review site. Many anticipated this first movie as a continuance to the Rocky series that was so popular. Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone, is sought out by his former rival’s, Apollo Creed, son Adonis Johnson for training. Johnson never knew his father but knew boxing was in his blood and so the plot ensues.

“Creed is a dandy piece of entertainment, soothingly old-fashioned and bracingly up-to-date,” stated the New York Times. Although not everyone was fully on board with Creed, as movie critic Jhoanna Robledo said,

Creed 2 poster

Michael B. Jordan portrays Adonis Creed in the second installment of the Creed films.

“This movie has elements that are terrific, no question, but it disappoints, too,” Robledo said. In the final scene, the big fight, Creed loses a heartbreaking split decision. However, this ending mirrors the original Rocky which many enjoyed seeing Nevertheless, Creed 2 was produced and many are excited about its upcoming release. When asked how he is feeling about the impending release Liam Hatakenaka said,

“Real hyped, Michael B. Jordan is perfect for the role.” Liam also says he is excited to see where the plot of the new movie goes after the last one. Many are excited for Creed 2 as on Rotten Tomatoes it is stated that 97% of people, taken from an online poll, want to see it.

From the trailer of Creed 2, Adonis seems to be struggling to balance his personal life and his obligations as a boxer. As the impending big fight is approaching Adonis realizes that his opponent has ties to his family’s past, making the stakes that much higher. With the infamous Rocky Balboa in his corner, the two of them have to decide for themselves what it worth fighting for as they find that family is the most important thing.

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