Best Food Spots on Bainbridge
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Bainbridge Island has quite the selection when it comes to types of foods, and our tourists love this quality of our island. Known for being a 35 minute ferry ride away from Seattle, it’s a hot spot for all types of people to come visit. Downtown Winslow is where most restaurants dwell for this reason. Although, for island locals, there are many hidden spots that are less frequented by travellers.

“As a Bainbridge Islander for 4 years, I’ve been exposed to different cultures of the island. Ranging from Indian food to burgers, I think my favorite is Sawan of Lynnwood. Some of my least favorites include Brucciato and T&C because of their price tags.” BHS junior, Kiernan Liberman, says when asked about his favorite spot.

Kiernan’s favorite spot, Sawan Thai Kitchen, is a Thai restaurant located in Lynnwood Center. It’s a cozy place decorated with plants, glass animals, and little fountains. They have a good selection of food and it comes out in a timely manner.

Another well liked restaurant on Bainbridge Island is Doc’s Marina Grill. It views the Eagle Harbor marina in the heart of downtown Winslow. Many high schoolers work at this location as hostesses, bussers, and waiters/waitresses. It has outdoor deck seating and a wide range of food, some of the favorites being the chicken cheddar club and the sesame crusted halibut.
“Doc’s has a great vibe! All of the employee’s are friendly and its got a prime location.” Senior, Alex Miller, gushes when asked about the grill. Via Rosa is a Bainbridge Island founded italian restaurant that never fails to please. Homemade pizzas and pastas are a staple for the restaurant and its customers favorites. It is located in Rolling Bay, around ten minutes north of Winslow.

“You can really tell that the food from Via Rosa is made with so much love. Everything I’ve tried from there is wonderful.” Eve Hurd says when asked about the quality of food from the locally well known restaurant.

Bainbridge has a great selection of restaurants to dine at, and just a few were covered here. Doc’s, Sawans, and Via Rosa have all proved to be some of the top foodie spots for island locals. If you’ve never tried these spots out, go out ,do it, and try something new!

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Frances Weller is a senior at Bainbridge High School and is a student journalist for the Spartan Standard. This is her first year writing for the newspaper and she is excited to be apart of the process. She enjoys being amongst friends and cooking with her sisters.