Who is Mr. Powers? BHS's new vice principal
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This year, Bainbridge Island High School hired a new administrative staff member. But, who is this new administrator you might ask? Bainbridge High hired Joe Powers as our new Vice Principal. Recently, there have been numerous questions about who he is, his background, and his intentions here at Bainbridge High School. Don’t worry, all of your questions will be answered.

Mr. Powers has always enjoyed the atmosphere of school and found comfort in it. His positive experience in high school and college inspired his venture into the educational field. Mr. Powers was a mathematics teacher for over 25 years and worked at North Kitsap Middle School. After being a teacher, he moved to doing administrative work at Kingston High School. When Mr. Powers heard about a job opening for vice principal here at Bainbridge High School he jumped at the opportunity.

Since starting his job here at Bainbridge High School, he’s felt good about it. He says it’s been a great fit for him and the school. The job is not boring and has plenty for him to do on a daily basis. Mr. Powers wants to focus on working with the mathematics and science department while moving to create a positive impact on our school. He is fascinated by the learning process and is interested in watching it in action at our school. In addition, Mr. Powers wants to get to know more about the students and staff here at Bainbridge High School. He believes that a team approach here is the best way to make decisions and solve problems.

“Everyone deserves a voice at our school,” Mr. Powers says. He wants other ASB and student organizations to be able to vocalize input for our school.

Another one of the main goals Mr. Powers has for our school is creating a system that helps push students forward while also supporting them in every way possible. He wants to help connect students with their values as they make their way through high school. “An important characteristic to an effective school is the culture and climate,” Mr. Powers says.

“Maintaining a high standard while welcoming and supporting our students is the best way to go,” explains Mr. Powers. This is only one of his goals he has for our school. Furthermore, complete inclusiveness and increased student action is another thing he would like for our school to achieve.

Aside from this, we all need to remember, starting a new job is always a challenge. He said parking has been among these challenges as he is in charge of assigning student parking and that is always a challenge. Mr. Powers is also never used Google Classroom before and is learning how it functions.

He says, “It’s a learning process and bigger schools has more operating to do.”

All of his experiences at Bainbridge point to him being a great vice principal. For example, at last Friday’s football game, Mr. Powers walked in to Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Ward shooing away a bat! Now, I don’t know if this particular experience is going to make him a better vice principal, but it sure will be a memory for the books.

Overall, Mr. Powers is excited to be working with the students and staff here at Bainbridge High School. His goals and intentions for the school are important. We all hope he can help us succeed in achieving them. There are many responsibilities and challenges to face, but the learning process is one that will help him to be an awesome vice principal. Welcome to Bainbridge High School Mr. Powers!

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Brianna Bruyere is a senior at Bainbridge High School. She enjoys writing for the Spartan Standard because it allows her to know what is going on in our world and helps to better her writing skills. It’s a different experience for her to be the one writing the story instead of the one reading it. When Brianna is not writing for the Spartan Standard, she is participating in Key Club, Link Crew, and NHS. She also has a job at Pacific Fusion Martial Arts as the Director of First Impressions. Brianna has two younger brothers; one of who you might know Mark Bruyere (Junior at the high school) and James Bruyere (7th grade at Woodward). She enjoys outdoor activities too such as skiing, hiking, paddleboarding, biking, etc.