Talking Behind the President’s Back Washington D.C. Has it's Very Own Gossip Girl!
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Republican or Democrat, everyone can agree Donald Trump’s presidential term has been nothing like the American people have seen before. From the Stormy Daniels case, to forgiving Russia for meddling with the campaign, this man has truly shown to be like no other, and not necessarily in a good way. On September 5th, when the New York Times published an anonymous article written by a senior official about the resistance within the Trump administration, it didn’t come as a huge surprise.

The headline for this fascinating opinion article stated “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.” The article goes into detail about this group inside the White House. The author speaks of Donald Trump is destructive to American politics. This person has a tone of almost reassurance as they tell the American people that are people in the White House, fighting to do the right thing. That despite the presidential office, many of the people working within the White House are doing everything they can to help American politics.

Many questions arise concerning this article. Who is the senior official that wrote this article? Why did he or she choose to expose the resistance? How will our President react?

The New York Times has promised to keep this person’s identity anonymous. This raises suspicion. This person calls themselves a senior official, however one must remember, the term “senior official” is a broad one. Many people are wondering whether this person is someone we should believe. For all we know, they could be the senior official assistant of Agriculture.

Although this is a valid point, and a fair question, when this person’s identity is revealed, which many strongly believe it will be, it will be a name the American people recognize. History tells shows the New York Times would not have published this article if they did not believe the source was reliable. The New York Times is one of the largest news sources in the world, and should this person expose themselves, The Times will receive a lot of heat if the story leading up to this person is not as big as the actual person. Political unrest has been proven to be unhealthy for a country, but this letter covers a lot more. It emphasizes that there are good people, trying to make a difference, and one man doesn’t represent the whole cabinet, nor the whole country.

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