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The yearly rise of influence and worldwide reach of social media seems to happen exponentially, giving way to the “internet personality” phenomenon. Since the inception of Twitter and Instagram, we’ve seen seemingly normal people become household names overnight, such as Alex from Target, JoJo Siwa, and Nusret Gökçe (“Salt Bae”).

Noah Centineo, the internet’s latest craze and star of hit Neflix original To All The Boys I Loved Before, is no exception to this “viral person” trend. Since the movie’s release in August of 2018, Centineo’s instagram has gone from boasting 600,000 followers to upwards of 10 million. Netflix has stayed true to their boy recently, giving him big roles in two more specials, SPF-18 and Sierra Burgess Is a Big Loser.

Twitter,being one of the most popular forms of social media today, is very familiar with the actor’s name. A quick search of Centineo’s name will leave your timeline laden with pictures, gifs, and paragraphs gushing over the actor’s good looks. Twitter users have expressed their love for him in many ways, from “Noah Centineo… with a beard…. MY GOD” to “Noah Centineo is the love of my life hands down” to “@NoahCentineo can you get me pregnant?”

Among the swarm of Centineo fans is BHS senior Lindsay Franznick, who shared kind words for the 22 year-old. “I love Noah, he’s my dream hubby” she raved. She explained her love for him is due to more than his good looks, citing his bubbly personality and kind heart, calling him “totes adorbs.”

The adoration for the actor extends beyond females however, as Centineo has even gained a few male fans as well. Sami Francis, a senior at BHS explained how a skeptical viewing of To All The Boys led to a newfound fandom. “At first I was like, this is trash. But the more I watched, the more I realized, this dude is hot. Funny too!”

Whether Lara Jean really did deserve Peter Kavinsky or not, one thing is for certain, the Noah Centineo phenomenon won’t leave anytime soon. His meteoric rise and marketable imagine can almost guarantee more marquee roles in the future.

About the Author :

Liam Hatakenaka is a senior at Bainbridge High School. He is the captain of the Spartan baseball team and has previously been involved in the basketball program and mental health awareness club. His two favorite things to write about are sports and A&E. He prides himself on his pace tekkers.