Packers Make 3rd Largest Comeback in NFL History
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The second half of the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears was one to remember. During the first half, quarterback Aaron Rodgers was carted off the field after he sustained a knee injury from a heavy sack. Fans of the team did not have high hopes for their rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer. However, after a gruesome third quarter and a 20-0 Chicago lead, Rodgers was back on the field to save his team. Rodger’s first drive scored the Packers a field goal, trimming the Bear’s large lead.

During the fourth quarter, Rodgers helped his team gain 14 more points making the score 20-17 with around seven minutes left in the game. Chicago quarterback Mitchell Trubisky led a 61-yard drive which resulted in a 32-yard field goal by Cody Parkey.

With Green Bay down six points with less than three minutes left, Rodgers only needed 26 seconds to make a game-winning pass. On 3rd-and-10, Rodgers found Randall Cobb in the middle of the field, untouched by the Chicago defense. He ran up the middle of the field, out running Khalil Mack for a 75-yard touchdown. The touchdown was shortly followed by an extra point and around 2:00 minutes left. The game ended with a Green Bay win of 24-23.

Wide receiver Randall Cobb

Green Bay wide Receiver Randall Cobb dodging a tackle to score a game changing touchdown.

After Rodgers came back from the injury, he went 17-for-23 for 273 yards. He was not sacked for the rest of the game and his rating went to 130.7. Rodgers stated after the game that his knee was swollen and tests would be taken the following Monday. Rodgers was cleared to play the following game against Minnesota on the September 16th. In August, Rodgers signed a four year contract with Green Bay for an estimated $134 million dollars. He is the highest paid player in NFL history, at 34 years old. There are two years remaining on his previous contract, and he will receive nearly $80 million by March of 2019. This is Rodger’s 14th season with Green Bay, and the Packers are celebrating their 100th season as well.

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