New Exchange Students at BHS Coming from all around the world, we have some awesome exchange students at BHS this year
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During our first few weeks of school, we find ourselves seeing plenty of new faces in the hallways. In an effort to put a name to at least seven of these new faces, this article will provide you with an introduction to the new exchange students attending BHS for the 2018-2019 school year! By learning more about these students, we can help welcome them and make them feel more at home during their year abroad on Bainbridge Island.

This year we have seven exchange students from a variety of countries around the globe! This year, all the foreign exchange students are juniors. Their names and the countries are: Ali Alghamdi from Saudi Arabia, Nahia Arostegi Arrillaga from Spain, Valentine Darras from Belgium, Javiera Garcia Montengro from Chile, Jonatan Lindberg from Finland, Andrea Palazzo from Italy, and Jule Senf from Germany.

After speaking to some of these students, I got to learn a little more about them. Several of them are currently participating in Bainbridge High School sports teams; Javiera plays on the girls soccer team, Ali runs for cross country, and Andrea is joining the football team. Go Spartans! When asked, lots of them expressed interest in participating in typical American experiences this year, like joining a sports team, attending football games, and going to dances. Not only are they excited about those experiences, but also about meeting so many new people. On this topic, Alghamdi says that “The people I have met so far on and off the island have been beyond friendly”, expressing gratitude towards our welcoming community and others in America as well. In order for this to continue, it is important that we all are as welcoming as possible.

Many of them also shared that somethings they miss greatly are the people back at home. Being gone from family members and close friends for a whole year is a long time. Because of this, it’s our job to make lasting friendships with the exchange students that make Bainbridge feel like home as well. Something else they miss greatly which reminds them of home is their native food. Valentine said that as much as the food in America is delicious, “I am delighted to find my good Liège waffles” back in Belgium.

Meeting new people from different countries is such an amazing experience that we are lucky to have at our school. Adding diversity to our school allows us to embrace and learn about cultures around the world. Make sure you have a chance to introduce yourself and make friendships with these students; let’s make this year one they can’t forget!

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