Dallas Police Officer Shoots Neighbor
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After enjoying a night of football in his one-bedroom apartment, Botham Jean was mistaken to be an intruder, shot, and killed. Amber R. Guyger, the officer who shot Jean, was returning to her apartment after a long 14 hour shift at the Dallas Police Department when the incident occurred. She entered the room to find a man walking around her apartment, or at least what she thought was her apartment. The off-duty officer had gone to the wrong floor of the apartment building and was able to enter the room directly above her own. This mistake cost Jean his life, and Guyger her reputation.

The situation has angered many people in the black community, mainly because it is another case of a white police officer shooting an unarmed black citizen. Officer Guyger has been charged with manslaughter and released on a $300,000 bail. Jean’s family lawyer was outraged at what happened, demanding that Officer Guyger be cut from payroll and terminated immediately, “this is non-negotiable,” he said publicly.

This incident gained more publicity once it was addressed by the mayor of Dallas, he said, “This is the worst sort of situation, because we all expect to be safe in our own homes.” Dallas communities began marching outside of news stations in downtown Dallas chanting Jean’s name. The crowds disrupted traffic and caused disturbances in the downtown area,however no arrests were made.

Many people await Guyger’s fate and believe she is already getting favorable treatment because of her bail offer. Witnesses of the event shared that they heard officer Guyger banging and shouting before entering the room. This would drastically change the outcome of the case. If these rumors are true, there may be enough evidence to prove that Guyger forced her way into the room. The trial date is arriving soon, so we will see what happens to the Jean family.

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