Too Progressive for the Majority Has the Democratic Party drifted too much
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The democratic party has always been a party for the common people. It was a party founded by Andrew Jackson in the early 1800’s in response to the elitism of his day, and the spirit of populism and anti-elitism hasn’t really left the party all that much in is current form. A lot of things have changed since Jackson’s presidency though. A lot of things.

Recently there have been changes in the Democratic Party, changes that upset the majority they used to represent. Over the last two decades, the DNC has gone from an institution that represents the worker and common man to a party that invokes race politics and started a crusade for equality. In the process, the party has become the biggest advocate for minorities, which is a great thing, but in the process it has demonized and forgotten whites. With the growing politically correct culture it seems that between the elites, a form of competition has emerged to see who can accuse someone of being racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or sexist the most (primarily Republicans); but this isn’t what the majority of people care about.

Most Americans are moderates, that’s how its always been, and even though polarizations has increased dramatically in the last two decades, over half of America still consider themselves in the middle. In those last two decades, the party has seemed to have drifted more and more to the left. The party that used to be the home of moderates, progressives, and some conservatives is now the party of progressives exclusively, but that’s not really what the majority of Americans want and the recent presidential election and the past eight congressional elections are reflections of that. In the process of drifting further left, this has left many Americans questioning their loyalty to a party that in general, they have supported their entire lives; for example, white Catholics, the working class, southern Democrats, and all of it shows. The Democrats used to be the largest advocated of the worked, but when they shifted their agenda to make sure that everywhere you go there’s a gender-neutral bathroom (an issue that affects less than 1% of the population), they stopped improving the lives and access to good healthcare to manufacturers. Where did all of these people go? The Republican party.

If we want to try and find the root of the issue here, it can be quite simple. They have become a minority-identity party. If you don’t fall under one of the seven sacred groups (Title IX), then the DNC isn’t t the place for you. If you are a white man just trying to put food on the table who doesn’t care about what bathroom people use or if gays can get married or not, you are the problem. If you aren’t a social justice warrior, you are the problem, and it’s making people feel bad, and it’s making people feel resentful. People don’t like being the villian when they aren’t doing anything wrong.

Last they have created a culture of illiberalism. It funny to think about it, a party whose main ideology is modern liberalism, can be seen as illiberal. They suppress free speech on college campuses of conservative speakers, but if an African American kneels for the national anthem, they are expressing their first amendment rights. How is that fair? I consider myself an advocate of liberty. I believe that you should be able to kneel when the national anthem is playing, burn the flag and say whatever you want. With this I find it criminal what the Democratic Party is doing our perception of liberty in America. But what do you expect from a party who only values liberty.

Now this is a lot of complaining with no solution, but there is one; and a simple one at that. Run candidates who are representative of the district. If that means running a socialist in Seattle, that’s great because its representative of the district; but until the DNC starts running pro-gun, or pro-life candidates in places like Wyoming and Texas respectively their chances of winning and controlling chambers of Congress are near impossible.

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” – Milton Friedman

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