Softball and Baseball Season
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Baseball and Softball are easily two of the most popular spring sports at BHS. With lots of hardwork and natural ability, these two sports have been very successful this season.

BHS Fastpitch has an in league record of 4-3. Despite the three losses, the Fastpitch team has been playing extremely well and has an out of league record of 7-3. The team shows up to each game expecting to win. Other teams in the league come expecting great competition and nothing less.

The baseball team is currently 6-4 in league. ¨Our season so far has been good. Our record, we believe does not reflect the caliber of team that we are, but we know that if we get hot in the playoffs we will be a tough team to beat,¨ said team captain, Garret Aichele.

Morgan Lassoff, a true softball legend and natural born leader devoted the team’s success to hard work. ¨BHS fastpitch has been successful because everyone on the team works super hard. It doesn’t just start in high school. Everyone has been working really hard ever since little league. We put in a lot of work in the offseason to be able to compete during the season,¨ Lassoff said.

As a senior, Lassoff is sad to leave the program, but knows that it will continue to flourish. ¨My hope for the future is that the program continues to build and keeps the target on our back, meaning that other teams view us as good competition. I also hope that little leaguers continue to play a game they love, in hopes that they will play all the way through high school,¨ Lassoff concluded.

A huge part of Baseball and Fastpitch that you can´t find in any statistics is how well each team is bonded. One of the best parts of living on a small island is these athletes have been playing together since little league. By the time each athlete is a senior, it’s the tenth year with their fellow teammates. ¨What’s been fun this year is that for the seniors especially, we have played with each other for the better part of 10 years. We are all super close. Experiencing this last season with them has been a blast and I couldn’t ask for a better group,¨ said Aichele.

Even if you have never been a huge baseball or fastpitch fan, I would highly recommend going out to the field on a nice day to see each team compete. Each sport plays with an incomparable amount of grit.

Good Luck to Baseball and Fastpitch in the rest of their season!

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Georgia Wood is a Junior at Bainbridge High School and an aspiring writer. She is a very involved member of the BHS community as she plays on the Varsity Fastpitch team, is the 2020 Class Treasurer, and a member of Social Justice League, National Honors Society, Link Crew, and Model UN . Her favorite things to write about are Opinions and News because she likes being an informed citizen. She hopes she can entertain and inform the students of BHS better this 2018-2019 school year.