Professional Sports Players Opening Up About Marijuana Use
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There has been a lot of stigma around the subject of marijuana use within the top levels of professional sports leagues in America. Recently, as a sort of attempt to counter the hatred around the plant, athletes from various sports are coming out about their use of the drug during their sports seasons.

A lot of athletes come across some very hard times while they are going through the season. A long and arduous series of games can lead to stress and an overworked body. Many athletes found that marijuana, as opposed to constant use of pills and other supplements, was the best way for them to get easy relief without hurting themselves too much. Martellus Bennett, a former NFL player, said this about pills, “…you just don’t want to be popping pills all the time… it ruins your liver. There’s a lot of these anti-inflammatories that you take for so long that, like, it starts to eat at your liver or kidneys and things like that.” Many people, alongside Bennett, have found that marijuana is the perfect replacement for them.

As far as the amount of athletes who partake in this practice goes, the numbers are actually quite astonishing. There are many more than one would expect. Some players have reported that almost all of their teammates would be smoking marijuana after or even before games. Many reported that they play better when on marijuana, because their heads are more focused on the game as opposed to focused on the stress of the situation. Captains, coaches, and administrators at all major clubs have been reported of smoking marijuana to cope with some of the hardships within this professional sporting scene.

Strides are being taken currently to lower the stigma around the use of marijuana. With the recent legalizations of the drug, many players feel that it should be more accepted as part of our society than something that should be busting players (with drug tests, etc). Many players have reported that they are better off with it than not, and don’t care about the drug tests – they would rather get busted and play high than don’t smoke at all.

Clayton Black, a man who sits upon a Peloton and senior at Bainbridge High School, gave his opinion on the subject. “Ladies and gentlemen it’s time to face the facts. Marijuana kills. If I see one person smoking marijuana in America I swear I will make a citizen’s arrest on sight. These “athletes” need to grow up and put away all that wacky tobacky. The cocaine craze has gone too far, enough folks. The Mariner Moose is on crystal meth in the damn picture lodge or something. Yup, I am very informed about this horrible issue and I am of right mind currently when I say that the epidemic of performance depleting drugs must come to an end immediately or so help me I will burn every weed store to the ground in the name of our holy savior, Donny “The Man” T.” There you have it, another couple of sentences chock-full of wisdom on any subject you’d like. Level-headed, clean, composed, the whole nine yards.

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