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If you’re a Bainbridge High School student then you’re definitely aware of the infamous tutorials that you have to do in American Studies. The class has a reputation for being one of the most rigorous, especially with all the reading, and block style classes. If you’re an underclassman and have gotten used to having classes every other day then get ready for a major change. Since it’s a block that means the class takes up two consecutive periods in your schedule, meaning that you have it every day. Based on your teachers you could have homework due every day which can be pretty tough. One of the major assignments you get in class are tutorials.

A tutorial is basically just your everyday paper so don’t worry about that part. However, there is a lot of time and energy that goes into them if you’re looking to get a decent grade. Each student is required to do one History tutorial and one English tutorial per semester. Teachers provide prompts to students for each side where they use the books and information they’ve been learning about to write a well put together persuasive essay. It’s important to know what content you’re most confident about to ensure that you can write about those topics.

As for which subject is easier to do, I would say the English side. Even if you didn’t completely read the book this side leaves room for a lot of personal interpretation and opinions. The prompts tend to be more open-ended which allows you to make the essay more personalized and original. You also only need one source, the book, so that allows you to focus more on analysis instead of spending all your time hunting for sources. Another benefiting factor is that if you’re not sure on exactly how to do MLA citing and format you only have one thing to do. Many times the English teacher will actually provide the correctly formatted source information for the books that you read, so you really just have to copy and paste.

However, if you’re someone who struggles with coming up with ideas and are more logical the History tutorial might be easier for you. This essay is more informative and cut and dry. If you have credible information as well as good flow then you’ll do great on this one. Teachers also tend to be more lenient about your first semester tutorials since they know that Junior year can be stressful and it’s really just one big learning experience for both the students and the teacher.

There’s really no easy answer as to which tutorial is easier and you’ll have to do both at some point. Just remember to pick a topic that you’re somewhat interested in and you’ll be just fine; remember, it’s just a paper!

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