Wagon Wheel Snack Line to Return
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As a junior now, I remember when the snack line in the Wagon Wheel was still in action. In case you don’t know, the snack line was where the green roll-up window is, on the side of the 400 building that faces the 100 building. It was busy every day at break, rain or shine, offering the same snacks as the cafeteria at a more convenient distance for almost anyone with a first period in the 300 or 400 building. My first period was English with Ms. Crandell, and after the first month of school, the snack line became a daily routine.

Every day after first period, it was a short walk outside, a shorter wait in line to grab something to eat, and a quick stroll back into the 300 building for my third period class: Biology with Mr. Dunn. Each time, no matter the season or my mood, there was always something there. That meant a cookie during winter, an ice cream sandwich whenever it was slightly warm, and chips or Goldfish during any other time of the year.

Unfortunately, the snack line closed down sometime early in my sophomore year, and all the snack-seekers were funneled into the cafeteria during break. Since then, I’ve avoided the cafeteria during break because a) wow, there’s a lot of people who go down there for drinks and food, b) the cookies are not what they used to be, and c) it’s a hike from my current first period, AP Biology with Mr. Dunn.

Since its closure, I never really expected the Wagon Wheel snack line to reopen. I completely forgot about its existence, not believing that it would be relevant again during my time at BHS.
However, joke’s on me because guess what’s coming back to the high school? That’s right, only my favorite snack line. I’m bizarrely excited for the current freshman and sophomore class to experience the joy of the Wagon Wheel’s snack line, and even more excited for the traffic going through the cafeteria to decrease. Even better, maybe that’ll mean fewer groups of underclassmen standing in the middle of the hallway!

Other students of BHS who remember the golden days of the snack line are also excited. When asked how she felt about the return of the line, junior Brianna Bruyere said, “I remember those days with the Wagon Wheel snack line,” then promptly added, “It’s the only joy school brought me.”

I one-hundred percent agree with her feelings about the snack line. When it opens again, I’m looking forward to a small piece of happiness to add to my life at BHS. It is, after all, the little things that matter.

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Lillian Aduddell is a senior at Bainbridge High School. Her last name is pronounced uh・duh・dull, and most people call her Lili. She plays soccer for the BHS Varsity soccer team, enjoys working with her ASB team, has fun doing MUN, works in Key Club and Link Crew, and is a part of NHS. In her free time, she watches too much YouTube and sleeps.