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On March 29th, 2018, The Weeknd dropped a new EP consisting of six songs that really embodied his true style. The overall vibe of the album is best described as chill and, as captured in the title of the EP, melancholy. As his past songs have revealed, The Weeknd tends to prefer a more relaxed approach to songs, and this album keeps up that trend.

The subject of most of the songs is longing for love and loss of love. Much speculation as to why this is the case sprouts from speculation over his recent split from Selena Gomez. The couple dated for ten months, starting around January of 2017 and ending in October of the same year. Although Gomez released a statement claiming that the pair ended their relationship as “best friends”, emotion and painful passion can be heard in many of The Weeknd’s songs on My Dear Melancholy. In the first song on the EP, “Call Out My Name”, the lyrics lead the listener to feel the pain of someone who is devastated, angry, and betrayed after a break-up.

Much of the EP is written in the style of nostalgic singing with synthetic background music, but on songs such as “Hurt You”, and “I Was Never There”, there is a lot of techno-styled background sound effects. This adds to the overall aesthetic and vibe even more as it contributes to the feel of relaxing, and helps the listener get into a headspace where they can relate to the lyrics.

The lyrics go well with the names of the songs, which all tie together to create a feeling of pain and betrayal. Starting with “Call Out My Name”, then moving onto “Privilege”, “Hurt You”, “I Was Never There”, “Wasted Times”, and “Try Me”, the song titles all lead to the same place of sadness and pain. The music itself, however, does not put the listener into a so much a negative headspace, but more of a relaxed and reflective area of thinking.

All the songs are filled with small lines of lyrics that can be interpreted and related to love, life and loss. So between those three, there is something in each one of his songs that anyone can relate to and feel on a deeper level. With lines such as, “I want you to stay even though you don’t want me”, and, “I said I didn’t feel nothing, baby, but I lied”, The Weeknd is able to convey raw and true emotions that are easy for almost any person to connect to and agree with.

At The Weeknd’s most recent performance at Coachella on Friday, April 13th, he was very emotional while performing “Call Out My Name”, putting a lot of soul into his performance and ending the set with his head down and not finishing the last line of the song. Although there is much speculation that this all stemed from his split from Selena Gomez six months ago, he was also spotted with his old ex-girlfriend, model Bella Hadid, throughout this past weekend at Coachella.

It is no surprise to critics that My Dear Melancholy has been such a big hit since it was released because of The Weeknd’s previous track record. His second and third albums, Beauty Behind the Madness and Starboy, have both been number one albums, and his first album, Kiss Land, was top two on Billboard when it was released back in 2013. In addition to his albums and new EP, he has also released several singles for movies such as 50 Shades of Grey and Black Panther, and worked on collabs with artists such as Ariana Grande and Drake.

With all the fame and success The Weeknd has gained over the past ten years, his fan base just keeps growing bigger and bigger. It is constantly reaching new listeners by movie soundtracks and mix-ups with other artists, and only growing as he releases new songs and albums. Looking at his previous music, it is easy to see why fans were so eager to listen to My Dear Melancholy as soon as it dropped, and looking at the songs on the EP, it is easy to see why fans are not disappointed with The Weeknd’s new material.

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